About Us

Know Your Counselor

Mr. Ajit Thorat has renowed reputation in the field of education since 1977 .

He is in field of education as teacher. tutor and as counselor. In his four decades of dedication he made many able pupils in every possible profession.

Our intelligent assessment is being done by the use of a proven science named “DERMATOGLYPHICS”. It has more than 300 years of history. With thousands of intelligent assessment done , previous studies have been completedwith brain physiology, psychology, learning and behavior in children to ensure the accuracy of the analsyed reports more from scientific point of view.
Each child has unique learning style, intelligence and potential, but parents often do not understand the child’s abilities. Unfortunately, because of this fact, they miss the golden period of their child’s learning. This not only affects the childhood but also the entire life of learning and development.
Our intelligent assessment test will not only give you the idea about the strength, area of improvement and opportunities but will also provide suggestions to parents about how they can improve the weakness. We will guide parents about the activities to be done to ensure that their child improves in terms of learning.